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  • Mr. Julius,

    I want to appreciate all you did for me in a very short time. After failing the NCLEX RN examination 8 times, I was discouraged and unwilling to try again. When I received your information from Henry and contacted you through your website and you responded immediately, I felt encourage again. I want to also tell you that the online questions you asked me to do were very very helpful. A lot of the questions were on the exam. I will encourage anybody taking your class or going to write NCLEX to use those questions. I could not believe that I answered only 75 questions and yet pass NCLEX-RN. Mr. Julius, thank you so much. I am a proud Registered Nurse now. Again, for those planning to write this exam, please, use the online questions recommended by Mr. Julius. ------------ Marilyn P. Gulloy, RN

  • Dr. Julius,

    It was a great pleasure attending the Julius nursing review center. I was highly impressed with the whole process and outcome I experienced through Dr. Julius. He is a positive motivation not only education wise but also spiritually. With the Julius review center, hard work, and God anyone can also achieve success. Use that simple recipe and pass the boards the first time with only 75 questions as I did through the Grace of God. Thanks Dr. Julius you are awesome!!…………………… Kafayat Bello RN, BSN

  • Mr. Julius

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When my friend Nkechi told me about your classes, I did not believe it until I came to your class. I am now a proud licensed practical nurse because of you. The way you explained the nursing concepts, throughout my entire nursing course at ultimate health school, no instructor, I repeat, no instructor has ever done it that way. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again. I will continue to tell my friends about you because after failing the first time I did not think I could ever pass but you were there when I needed help. No amount of words can say it. Please, keep up the good work Kadiatu Turay, LPN

  • "Dear Dr Julius"
    My heart goes out in appreciation to you Dr. Julius Atemafac, for the good work u're doing to help people with this examination, what a great review center you have. It was a great honor attending the Julius nursing review. I had a great experience passing through the hands of this great man, i've gained so much knowledge through the process, a lot of things i didnt know from nursing school, I know them now. The content and information are real on the exam, no jokes. This is a place where you get ur money's worth. After getting to know about the center, I pass the INCLEX-RN examination with only 85 questions. From the bottom of my heart i will recommend this review class to any nursing graduate preparing for the exam, this is the best review center ever in this metropolitan area. Dr Julius, I pray for Gods guidiance and protection for you, that God should continue to give you the strengh and the voice for this great work. Thank you so much and
    God richly bless you Miriam Boadi, RN, BSN.

  • "Dear Dr Julius"
    I want to thank you greatly for helping me pass my NCLEX-RN. I just got my result last night and I passed. I am very ecstatic. I'm still cherishing this moment and will hold on to this marvelous feeling for as long as I can. I owed it all to you, Dr. Julius. I really enjoyed your class immensely. After finishing your review class, I knew, I got all the tool I needed to pass NCLEX board. Like you said, know the concepts well and NCLEX is mine. It is so true!. The best thing about the review class is your way of teaching and the way the material was structured. You teach in such an elemental way that it makes it easier for anyone to understand the concepts well and retained it. Moreover, your voice is so powerful that when I go through my notes, your voice still reverberate thus helping to reinforce the concepts some more. I thank GOD for leading me to your review class. It has been a pleasant and blessing experience!.
    Thank you Raymond Gan-Lim, RN

  • "Dr. Julius, Julius review center has brought a big change to my life after attending the class and passing NCLEX PN first time answering only 85 questions. Dr, Julius is a God sent to help student pass NCLEX with no struggle. He thought us how to prioritize questions and choose the right answer with no doubt. For those who are studying to go take the exams, I will encourage you to please read his notes and all the materials as many times you can along with his questions. Listen to him attentively. Ask him any question you do not understand and doubt, he will answer you anytime. God bless Dr. Julius for what his doing to help the Health System and the Society. Priscilla Afeku, LPN (Virgina) "

  • "The I and J Nursing Review Center prepares students in a way that guarantees success on the NCLEX. The Center provides specific contents and concepts that students need to know for NCLEX. The practice questions reinforce the concepts. Any student, who attends Julius Nursing Center, studies the notes very well and do the practice questions studiously, is bound to pass NCLEX with ease. Julius Nursing Review Center is about an hour drive away from me. I attended the review class for three weeks. I did everything Dr. Julius told me to do: study the notes well, and do the practice questions consistently. I followed his instructions and I PASSED NCLEX with EASE! For me, the joy of passing NCLEX with ease is by far greater than the distance and expense I covered to attend the I and J Review class. I earnestly recommend this review center to students who want to pass NCLEX. If you attend Julius Nursing Review Center and study both the notes and practice questions very well, your success on NCLEX is 100% guaranteed; no doubt! I experienced it! Nathaniel S. Darway, BSN, RN.

  • "(I am just too excited and, I must give credit to who credit is due) I recommend this review center to all nursing graduates (LPN and RN), Dr. J does an amazing job teaching you all the concepts you need to pass the exam, all you have to do is study is over and over again, and go and 'give it to them' when you take the exam. Read all your notes carefully (every line)!! I am promoting his review class because I am now a testament and for you to be a testament, please do what he says. Kaplan is NOT the way to go, Julius nursing review is THE way to go,believe me, so you better call them today, 301-486-1010. 'study hard like you don't have a God, and pray hard like you never studied! "..... Ifedayo Tomilayo Awe, RN, BSN. :)

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