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I&J Review Center believes that if anybody can finish nursing school, he or she deserves to PASS the NCLEX examination. This is why its' number one priority is making sure all its students PASS the NCLEX examination. We understand the struggles you have been through in order to finish nursing school. The question you are asking yourself is, "How can I pass the NCLEX exam?"

Based on this understanding, we have thought of different ways that we could tremendously help students pass the NCLEX examination without stressing themselves so much. These thoughts have led us to this question, "What else can we do to help students get acquainted with different styles of NCLEX questions and actually PASS the exam without too much stress? This question has been a burden in our hearts.

To answer this question, I&J Review Center has set up a website loaded with 1,000+ NCLEX style questions just for you. Because our nursing review instructor has so much experience in this area, he felt that it is more effective if students are giving access to these questions as TEST/Review for 12 weeks. We do recommend that you take these exams as many times as you can during your 12 weeks access period. If you are able to score a 75 % while studying your concepts diligently, "NCLEX SUCCESS IS YOURS." Others have done so and PASS. Create time to go over these exams.

As you pay for this exam, make sure you include your e-mail address and phone number and we will be sending you your user name and password within 24-48 hours. Note that your access period does not start until we send you your user name and password. Paying for these exams, you understand that there is no refund and you will abide by our guidelines. You also understand that taking these exams alone without studying nursing concepts is not enough. Please note that sharing your user name and password is against our guide lines and you will be locked off the exam and there will be no refund. To remain effective and current, we review these questions every month and make changes as necessary. Send us any questions or concerns on our contact page.

We did it. Please, do these exams and join us the next time for a celebration. Julius Nursing Review Center together with the online questions have done it for us. You can do it. Just do it and stop complaining.


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