Our Curriculum

I&J Review Center faculty prepare our students with test taking skills and comprehensive Nursing content which can be successfully applied to any nursing exam. The review program is conducted in a classroom style environment and focuses on the components of the NCLEX-RN & LPN test plan as indicated below. Even though the test plan format changes every few years, I&J Review Center always adjust its program to reflect these changes.

The nursing content we teach is applicable to any exams; the primary difference is how each exam requires you to apply that knowledge. Each candidate will receive additional materials during the course that is specific to their area of study (NCLEX-RN OR LPN). Our instructors will teach you how to apply the knowledge you gain to your specific exam. I&J Review Center has been very successful in helping its students pass the NCLEX examination.

Since the exams consist of multiple-choice questions at the cognitive levels of knowledge, comprehension, application and analysis, similar style questions are used during each session to prepare candidates to build on their experience in answering them. Four major categories of client needs organize the content of the NCLEX-RN Test Plan. Therefore the review will focus heavily on these major dimensions:

Psychosocial Integrity - sessions focus on concepts related to client care and mental health diseases.

Physiological Integrity - Sessions focus on respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine disorders, nutrition and elimination or gastrointestinal and genitourinary disorders, mobility, sexual and sensory functioning.

Health Promotion and Maintenance - Sessions focus on the maternity client and her family.

Safe, Effective Care Environment - Sessions focus on growth and development and how to create a safe and effective care environment for the adult and child client.

Candidates receive course manual on the first day of class. The course manual outlines all of the topics covered during the course and includes the notes and helpful information.


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